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    I gave it a shot, but couldn't do it..

    After BCA was over last night, one of the better local players stopped in. I've been wanting to play some banks with somebody better and know that really good players tend to think they have the best of everything and are a bit easier to get into a game with. So I proceeded to set aside some...
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    Favorite Moves?

    Getting back to some more pool now.. I've got a few favorite moves in 8-ball I like, such as a simple things like in an end game locking up an opponent's ball with mine between it and the pocket for an easy kick defense, etc. Since 1P has predetermined pockets, playing an endgame scenario...
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    The tips we use

    Since my Z2+Kamui is currently out of commission(wanna buy a $250 table leg?), here's what I'm currently using and they're playing just fine.. $10 for 12 tips(6 soft/6 hard) shipped and I can swap em out for breaking or whatnot. Soft seems to work fine for 1P. :p If you think those are...
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    Happy Birthday Mr. John Brumback!!

    Happy birthday to you and Bille! Hope you've got a whale on the line.. :D
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    Adjusting Angles

    Just another thing I've been playing with lately to check for usefulness.. Is using top/bottom useful in adjusting angles from center instead of changing the angle of approach? For certain banks, tightening up is a no-brainer, but for others where the natural angle is just off, is this a good...
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    Here I Go

    I had a few hours to kill this weekend, so I took a trip to a local pool hall hoping to find some banks games. As I had expected, there was a 1P game going on on the front table and a golf game on the 12' snooker table(recently upgraded from a 10'). Since prospects of a bank game were slim to...
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    G. Breedlove vs. E. Strickland 2007 D.C.C.

    Needing only one, I can see the idea of going for one and leaving tough.. With the line-up, though, it looks set to be able to open up the two balls in front of the cue ball while locking up with the 3(?). That puts all 3 balls into play while leaving nothing(especially if the hit isn't too...
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    End Game

    Thinking about chess, I had some good matchups with a friend of mine, but he had been playing seriously for a long time and could beat me fairly easily when it came down to the end game moves - pawn & king vs. pawn & king, etc. Are there any particular setups that you prefer for an end game...
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    Warp Banks

    The more I practice my banking, the more I'm finding myself slamming them in to avoid any unintended spin. I was wondering about a couple of things.. Do the bank players out there find that they have better control over more forceful shots in other games because of this or is this just more of...
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    North Shore Billiards. Artie interview

    You guys are giving me some really bad visuals.. :(
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    Gabe Owen vs. Alex Pagulayan 2010 D.C.C.#3

    First, my g/f would probably tell me to lose a few pounds cuz I'm filling out my shirt.. and I'd nod and tell her I'll start working on it soon. :D Then I may try this.. (hopefully it comes out ok for a hack) Edit - Yeah, what JR said. Get that CB locked with or between the 6 and 15 while...
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    Was kinda curious what some of you folks do to practice..? I like the ghost bank game, but getting bad spreads and such can be a bit of a pain.. I want to just bust out some clusters sometimes when there is absolutely nothing available(instead of impossible shot after impossible shot), but...
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    "Fixing" Angles

    I started thinking about this at the beginning of the year, as I normally use some kind of spin on my banks.. Would it be better to return to center hits to relearn banking, since fixing them with english, while effective, could be considered more of a handicap for not feeling the natural hit...
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    Portland, OR - open challenge

    I'm issuing an open challenge in Portland to anyone for cheap games/sets of banks. I've issued one challenge before, asking for 6-4 from any open/master players.. that is now open to a 5-5 race with anyone. Anyone means just that.. from Atwell to local bangers. Either I'll earn my wings or...
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    From what I remember, Mr. B. said that full-rack was more like a strategy game of picking balls off the stack here and there as opposed to breaking it open.. For short rack, I was trying something the other day that usually works well for me in 9b.. using a rail break with draw to pull the CB...