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    Anyone have a Alex Brick jump cue for sale?

    I had mine stolen a few years back and have never found one better, tried many. I still have the butt, just need the shaft and little extension. Thanks.
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    Fastest way for a beginner to get two balls better

    Of all the pool games, one pocket is the only game I can say a beginner can get two balls better in a short time from watching matches with good commentating. The first time I played one pocket was a few years back and I played Harold Mcabee for 500 a game, getting 10-7 and I lost 8 in a row and...
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    Who is the best ball runner to date?

    I know Efren was always noted a few years back as the best ball runner playing one pocket. I think there are a few now that run balls as well or better than Efren did. Shane, Scott and Alex for example. I know Billy I. and several others here could answer this better than I can? I know many...
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    Anyone in Al want to play banks?

    Does anyone in Al gamble playing banks on a goldcrown? What about Mississippi?
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    We have some great bank players here on this site

    So, how about posting something about bank pool. John, I know you like me, are most likely getting a great tan chasing those fish, but come on, you, Freddy or someone can post something. I don't know how to post the what do you do from here, or I would. Come on Dennis, you're the expert on...
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    Played a long gambling match of bank yesterday.

    Ricky peppers called me late yesterday and told me some players were in town wanting to play some bank pool. We played from 8pm yesterday until noon today. It was the first full rack bank I had played in years, big difference from used to playing with 9 balls. I don't think I have ever seen a...
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    Whats the ruling here

    I'm playing a guy this morning, I need 1 ball and its hanging in my hole. He can't scratch behind it because of several balls above the head string. He double hits the cueball making my ball and says he fouls and spots two balls. Whats the right call here?
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    Meucci's for sale

    I have a metallic series with red dot shaft, for 500.00, it retails for over 1,200. This cue is also missing the meucci logo, which is rare, and this cue was designed by Steve Lomax. I have a fish hook meucci with a re-dot shaft that is a couple of inches shorter, made for a shorter person for...
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    Cliff wins the La one pocket tournament

    Cliff beat Gary Abood in the finals to win his second 1 pocket tournament in a row. He then played Sylver a race to five for a few dimes and beat him 5-2. I have heard many people talking about Cliffs game like he can't play anymore. I can tell you these are people who are not around him. He...
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    One pockets tapes to trade

    Does anyone want to trade some one pocket tapes? I have the 1998 legends of one pocket, two cd's, with Shannon Daulton vs. Efren Reyes. 2005 Derby city Classic Matlock vs. Reyes and Duel vs. Reyes. 2007 Derby city Classic Cliff Joyner vs. Efren Reyes. I also have the 2004 semi's and finals bank...
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    Top 10 bank pool players in the U.S.?

    Who are the top 10 bank pool players for the cash in the U.S.? I know John is number 1, but was out of pool for almost 20 years and have no Idea about the young players. I have also noticed more players will play banks now.
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    What spot is better?

    The break or a ball playing 9 ball banks? I got to play some banks at the tournament at Cape Giradeau, Mo, and had a good visit with Tony Fargo. It was the first time I had seen him in 25yrs. They had a good bank ring game one night, and Tony played the winner of the ring game the next night...
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    How did you ever ajust to a diamond?

    I started back playing a little a few years ago and they didn't have diamonds back when I played before. How did you finally ajust to a diamond and how long did it take? Can you play the same speed on a diamond you can on a goldcrown now? I don't get to play on them much, but my game drops off...
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    What causes the corner ball to go toward their pocket on your break?

    I have heard its because the balls were not froze, but I had it to happen to me several times the other day when I made sure the balls were froze. Is two thin a hit on the head ball also a reason? I also don't have this problem on a goldcrown, only on a diamond.
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    Challenge to Billy I.

    Ricky Peppers said he will play you some more 9-6. He said he will play at Harolds, where you played before, or Bumpers in Huntsville, Al. He said he would let you decide the bet. Harold gives Ricky 10-7, and Ricky is loser at that game, Harold said he didn't like his end getting a ball from...