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    Corner ball leaking on break

    Any thoughts on what makes the corner ball leak out on break?
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    Bushwacker passes away

    Champion pool player, and good friend,Gary Nolan, better known in the pool world as Bushwacker has passed away. He will be greatly missed by many of us.
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    Rule question

    Cue ball is frozen to rail. Shot hits object ball which was not frozen to rail and object ball does not go to a rail. Cue ball contacts rail it had been frozen to. Is this a foul?
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    What is rule or opinion for this?

    Cue ball and object ball are both about 1/2 inch from foot rail,and about one inch apart. They are facing opponents pocket. Shot is into ball and rail with hit being very hard to determine whether object ball or rail was hit first. Cue ball is now frozen to rail and object ball is off rail and...